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Mavic 3 review

My initial thoughts from excitedly unboxing the Mavic 3 were that it appears and feels more of a solid machine than its predecessor (the Mavic 2 Pro). But feeling solid and having solid performance are 2 different things so after this drone for the last 6 months I feel I can accurately review the good and the bad about the DJI Mavic 3.

Firstly I want to let you know why I opted for the M3 over the M3 Cine because ive been asked this a lot on social media.

I was on the fence on the launch day, going back and forth removing and replacing both models from my shopping cart and eventually opted to not get the Cine model because of the cost. The difference between the M3 and M3 Cine is $$$ and i figured I could spend the extra money on other things drone related.

I’ve only ever had one client ask me for Cine quality video from a shoot over the last 5 shooting commercially and they had their own drone when they approached me so I didn’t even need mine. It’s not a resolution I’d choose shoot everyday footage in due to the file size and there is also the enormous memory it needs to be processed, so my decision is one that came out of practicality as well as price.

Its been since months since I made those decisions and I’ve banked over 50 hours flying this machine so I want to share my personal experience and thoughts about the drone.

DJI’s tagline for this drone was ‘imaging above everything’ and the images really speak for themselves. The clarity and depth of the images is incredible, comparable even to those from the Inspire 2. They are sharp, colour accurate and have acceptable noise upto ISO 800.

I’ve printed a few images off the Mavic 3 up to A2 size and would confidently say I’d push these images to their max print size for customers.

If there is to be a down side its that there isn’t a custom menu like in most pro manual cameras to change the contrast, sharpness etc inside the camera.